To the Races!

The weather was great as we prepared to go to the races this morning! 12 PAX showed up bright and early to FoxTrot to get a good start to their days!

The Thang 

Each PAX got in teams of 3 to compete for their “trophies.” There were four teams total:

Team 1: Partly Cloudy, RiseUp, Spirit

Team 2: Shrinky Dink, Diggity Dog, Bourbon

Team 3: Harley Quinn, Touchdown, Whole Coconut 

Team 4: Trailblazer, Wonder Woman, Smooth Operator

At the completion of each race, the team that finished 1st earned 1 point, 2nd 2 points, and so forth. The team with the least amount of points won!

The races had 3-4 exercises in them. One member from each team did the exercise, then ran to the other side. Once that member reached the other side, the next member of the team did the exercise. Once every member of the team finished the first exercise, they move onto the next. While the other members on the team were waiting for their turn (or waiting for the team to finish an exercise), they were doing an arm exercise with their weights. First one to finish all the exercises by all members of the team, won!

Race 1

Jumping Jacks (15)

Push Ups (15)

Squats (15)

High Knees (30 total)

WAITING: Bicep Curls 

Race 2

Froggers (5)

Bear Crawl (Halfway back, then run)

Angry Donkey Kicks (5)

LBC’s (25)

WAITING: Overhead Tricep Extensions

Race 3 

Mountain Climbers (30 total)

Flutter Kicks (30 total)

Plank Jacks (20)

WAITING: Shoulder Press

Race 4 

Runner’s Jumping Lunges (20 total)

Russian Twists (20 total)

Lieutenant Dan’s (As a team, the whole way back)

WAITING: Front Raises


1st Place: 25 Jumping Jacks

2nd Place: 25 Plank Jacks

3rd Place: 25 Squat Jumps

4th Place: 10 Burpees

Some folks had to leave early so we ended up finishing with 3 teams, so everyone got out of doing burpees. It was such a great time of sprints and team bonding!

So glad all the FiA sisters could join me today!

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