Total Body Tables at 7am

As the sun rose to greet us, 4 PAX welcomed the day with energy and spunk at The Thicket’s Total Body Tables Beatdown.

Thanks to Harley Quinn who brought her lantern so we could see the exercise sheets before the sun poked up its nose.

Another highlight of the morning was my new music solution.  I gotta have tunes for my beatdowns, and ideally ones that bring lots of hype or some sort of pun snuck in there.  My iPod has informed me that it is now a shut in and is not happy if unplugged from its happy home on my kitchen counter.  So, my kids’ iPad got pulled off the bench to do some field time.  (Hmm, I should go back and check if all the songs loaded are kid friendly. *wide eye grimace)  I know most everyone else, if not all, streams their music, but I’m just not on board yet with paying money for music that I already own.  But enough about my first world problems.  Onto the Thang!

Warmed up by running the  medium size lap.  Then stretched with goodies like Toy Soldiers and TTT.

Total Body Tables is a circuit of 4 stations (the picnic tables: Arms, Cardio, Legs, Abs) with an All Together exercise between rounds. Tabata timing of 1 min AMRAP with 10 seconds “rest” to get to next station.  The PAX paired up so that two ladies moved through the circuits together. #bettertogether

Stations & Rounds:

Arms                     Cardio                                   Legs                                                       Abs                                        All Together

1 Tricep Dips       Snow Shoe                         Reg Squat + Fire Hydrant (alt)     Fire LBC (top ½ pulse)    Step Up w/R on bench

2 Hammer Curl  Grapevine around table                Reg Squat + Donkey Kick (alt)     Slow Bicycle                        Incline plank + alt leg lft

3 Zopman Curl* Star Jacks                             Narrow Squat + Battement (R)  Pin-up w/ Ankle Cross   Step Up w/L on bench

4 Reverse Curl   High Knees                         Narrow Squat + Battement (L)   Slow heel push in/out    Tricep Dips

5 Dumbbell Row** R      Fast Feet arnd tbl  Sumo Squat + small hop          Oblique Side Bends         Hop/Step up/down bench

6 Dumbbell Row** L       Butt Kickers        Sumo Squat + side leg lift (alt)    Pilates V w/ pulse arms In/Decline pushups!!!

We also worked our legs more by doing Around The World to Daft Punk’s song Around the World 🙂 : Lunge around the clock (12,3,6), then switch legs (6,9,12).  Then battement around the clock (12,3,6), then switch legs (6,9,12).  Repeat for 4 minutes of the 7 minute song.

Streeeeeeeeetch all the things

COT & Nameorama

Coffeeteria is always full of helpful chatter.

Love you ladies!  See you in the morning!

XOXO – Tiny Dancer

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