Total Body Tables

  • When: 10/20/2018
  • Q: Tiny Dancer
  • Pax: Duckie, Thunderstruck, Harley Quinn, Veena, Salsa Verde, Tiny Dancer

6 PAX got a total body workout at The Thicket on 10/20/2018.

Props to Harley Quinn, who reminded me two days earlier, after we casually wondered aloud who would be Q-ing on Saturday, that indeed it was I that had signed up to Q.  Ha! So I decided to just go ahead and sign up for a Q every two weeks so it wouldn’t sneak up on me again – hopefully.

Since I had Tough Mudder the next day, I wanted to spread the workout load around the body and have time for a good bit of stretching too.   A memorial service had unknowingly been reserved, so we had an intermission to move to the 2nd pavilion and not as much stretching occurred, but we are thankful to be alive and moving.  The memorial attendees were drawn to gaze at a plaque that now resides at the base of a tree.  RIP Mr. (Young man whose name I will note the next time I am at the park) 1991-2013.

The Thang: (Rain was predicted, so I planned to keep us under the pavilion.)

4 corners (picnic tables) designated as stations: Arms, Cardio, Legs, Abs.  Tabata: 1 minute of work at each station with 10 seconds of rest to transition to the next station.  6 PAX divided into pairs so that no one was doing a station solo, #bettertogether.  Once everyone had made it around to all the stations, before starting the next round at their beginning station, we all did an exercise together.  We got through 6 rounds and they are as follows.

Stations & Rounds:

Arms                     Cardio                                   Legs                                                       Abs                                        All Together

1 Tricep Dips       Snow Shoe                         Reg Squat + Fire Hydrant (alt)     Fire LBC (top ½ pulse)    Step Up w/R on bench

2 Hammer Curl  Grapevine around table   Reg Squat + Donkey Kick (alt)     Slow Bicycle                        Incline plank + alt leg lft

3 Zopman Curl* Star Jacks                             Narrow Squat + Battement (R)  Pin-up w/ Ankle Cross   Step Up w/L on bench

4 Reverse Curl   High Knees                         Narrow Squat + Battement (L)   Slow heel push in/out    Tricep Dips

5 Dumbbell Row** R      Fast Feet arnd tbl  Sumo Squat + small hop          Oblique Side Bends         Hop/Step up/down bench

6 Dumbbell Row** L       Butt Kickers        Sumo Squat + side leg lift (alt)    Pilates V w/ pulse arms In/Decline pushups!!!


Stretch: Neck, Arms, Torso, LEGS, & Booty.

Circle of Trust, NameOrama, & Coffeteria.  Prayers for all medical tests and treatments in our FiA circle, friends & family. <3

Off to conquer the day with a grateful heart!


I watched some YouTube videos on how to get a pullup – work some other muscles differently.

*Zopman Curl is what I think the guy said in the YouTube video I watched.  It is ½ Bicep Curl up and ½ Reverse Curl down.  Rotating weight 180 degrees at the top and bottom of the curl. at 4:40

**With one knee and same arm on the bench, back flat, other arm rows the weight up to the chest with elbow out.  See Youtube video at 3:13

!!! LADIES!  We ROCKED these Decline Pushups!  I planned to do incline pushups since I don’t feel that I do pushups very well.  But when I also gave the option to do decline pushups and had to demonstrate what that was – I surprised myself when I did one!  Then another!  Ladies!  WHY DO WE UNDERESTIMATE OURSELVES?!?!

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