Trick or Treat

16 PAX came out early on Halloween Eve morning to Trick or Treat! AND IN COSTUME! We started with a quick warm up IC with jumping jacks, arm circles, and through the tunnel. We had 16 cones set up in a large oval with “Costume Cards” at each cone. We all started together with Snow White, and then we rotated through each station at our own pace!  It may have been slightly more fun than work, but it was a great way to kick off the festivities of Halloween!

Snow White:

Sevens! Dumbell  Swings and Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press and then run a lap around the trick or treat oval.


31 Row the Boat (russian twists)

31 Plank Rows

The Little Mermaid

31 Flounders (ground swimmers)

10 Erics (standing swimmers with weights)

10 Sebastians (tricep dip in crab to kick- opposite arm opposite foot)

31 Scuttle-Maxes (bird dogs)


31 Skull Crushers

31 Run Aways (31 high knees and 31 butt kickers)

Jack and the Beanstalk

31 Jumping Jacks

31 Beanstalk Climbers (mountain climbers)


31 monkey humpers

31 gorillas


31 Glass Slippers (calf raises)

31 Stir the Pot (laying on side, top leg makes circles)

31 Curtsy Lunges (each leg)

The Ghost

31 Dead Lifts

31 Dead Bugs

The Police Officer

31 Prisoner Squats

31 Donuts (circle crunches- switch direction halfway through)

The Firefighter

31 Fire hydrants each leg

31 Climb the Ladder (standing mountain climbers)

The Athlete

10 Touchdowns (burpees)

31 Soccer Runs

31 Catchers to plank (squat to plank)

The Three Bears

Triple Bears (hopping side-center-side while in bear)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

10 Caterpillars (inch worms)

31 Butterflies (chest flys)

The Superhero

10 Spidermans (spider push ups)

31 Supermans

31 Iron Mans (iron legs- squat to lunge hops)

The Nutcrakcer

31 Toy Soldiers

31 Plie Squats

31 1st Position Glute Bridges

The Pirate

10 Walk the Plank (forearm plank to high plank switching lead arms)

We pushed it to the last minute so we could get in as many stations as possible! We needed a full hour to get through them all- but we still had fun packing as much as we could into those 45 minutes! We circled up and welcomed our UGA loving FNG, Ashley, and rightfully named her Bulldog!

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