Triple A! Arms, Abs, Aerobics / 2.0 Hungry Hippos

What a great beat down out at Foxtrot! It was the first of our quarterly 2.0 beatdowns and a great morning to bring the kiddos! While Valor and Diggity Dog took the smalls and got their workout going which included running, sit-ups, burpees, etc. the moms got their own sweat going!

The Thang:

After a warm up of arm circles, MPs, stretches and butt kicks we got to work! We had 3, 5-minute circuits   that we did almost a full 3 times. The exercises were 1 minute one and 10 seconds to switch. We did 5 minutes of arms, then abs and finally aerobics/cardio.

Arms: front raise, squat to press, hammer curls, tricep overhead press, upright row

Abs: (all standing) core stabilization, side crunches, bow extensions, wood chops, sumo squat crunches

Aerobics: high knees, skaters, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bench step ups

We finished the mom workout with stretches, circle of trust and name-o-rama.

The 2.0:

The small folks worked out for 30 minutes and got a great workout! Thank you Valor and Diggity Dog.

Pax: Green Grizzly, Allicat, great white, glitter force, sparkle, raptor, narwhal, skittles, gummy bear, eagle, phelps

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