Triple Check

It was a cool and muggy morning today and 12 PAX joined me at Foxtrot for a Triple Check Beatdown (“Alright Alright Alright”). We started with arm circles, jumping jacks, and then TTT (IC). We partnered into groups of 3 (one group had 4) and went over the exercises.

The Thang

The Triple Check has each person in the trio doing something different so for this beatdown, Partner 1 would run a lap while Partner 2 and 3 would do different exercises. The round was complete when all three partners had run a lap and done each of the exercises. We had some fast FiAs today so we had time to do the rounds twice.

Round 1 (and 4) – While Person 1 was running, Person 2 did Imperial Squat Walkers and Person 3 did curb step ups. Partners would rotate through each taking a turn running and doing each exercise.

Round 2 (and 5) – While Person 1 was running, Person 2 did bicep curls and Person 3 did tricep kickbacks. Partners rotated through til all had run and done each exercise.

Round 3 (and 6) – While Person 1 was running, Person 2 did Bourbons (Big girl sit-ups with leg lift as you come up and twist toward that leg at the top) and Person 3 did In and Outs. Partners rotated through until all had run and done each exercise.

We still had plenty of time (everyone ran really fast today!) to do PAX choice round of arms (exercises averaging a count of 30 including Around The Worlds, slow punches across the body, side extensions, tricep extensions, and upright rows). We then did PAX choice round of abs (counts of 30 or so Russian Twists, LBCs, leg lifts, Reverse Crunches, and one more I can’t remember!). Smooth Operator then led us in 2 minutes of stretching.

We finished with COT and Nameorama.

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