Triple Torture

Can’t describe, must demonstrate

August 21, 2019

  • When: 08/20/2019
  • Q: Sugarland
  • Pax: Guac, Chocolate Chip, Hallmark, Owlette, Rescue, Whole Coconut, Partly Cloudy, Honey Crisp, Shrinky Dink, Straight Shooter, Blue Belle, Chew Choo, Smooth Operator, Rise Up and me Sugarland
What a great morning it was after some bad storms the night before… not so humid but that would change quickly…. 15 PAX showed up to The Den to do a Triple Check!!!!


Some static stretches, JJ IC, Toy Soldiers IC

The Thang

This is set up in 5 minute AMRAP’s with a 2 minutes rest in between

We paired up in 3’s and PAX one starts at cone 1, partner 2 starts at cone 2 ( about 12 parking spots away ) and partner 3 starts at the mosey/traveling….


  1.  Squat Thrusters
  2.  Squats
  3. Mosey: Walking Lunges

2 minute rest


  1. Overhead Press
  2.  Inchworm w/ push~up
  3. Mosey: Bear Crawl

2 minute Rest


  1. Mt. Climbers
  2. Star Jumps/JJ
  3. Mosey: Karaoke

2 minute rest


  1. Pretzel Crunch
  2. Glute Bridges
  3. Mosey: Crab Walk

2 Minute Rest


  1. Plank
  2. Chair Sit
  3. Mosey: Side Shuffle

Finished up with some stretches which apparently required more stretches according to the level of soreness today but alas I survived and so did each one of my fabulous FIA sisters!!!

COT for Prayers & Name-O-rama w/ some quick announcements

This Sunday is the Flock it 5k at Etowah River Park at 6pm please come and walk, run, ruck it with us.. IMMEDIATELY following is our all FIA Cherokee meeting at 7pm… There is a google doc to RSVP that whole coconut has posted to slack & facebook!!!

Thank you for tolerating my crazy ideas !!!!!!

Cassie Dillon

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