Turkey Day Prep – Part 1

11 Pax showed up today at Foxtrot despite the rain and despite the cold!  I have been traveling for work the last two weeks and have missed multiple workouts.  So with each car that pulled into the parking lot and each bundled lady that got out and ran for the snack shack, my warm fuzzies grew and grew.  I’ve missed you guys.  And what better way to show my love for you than by making you run in the rain.  😉

We warmed up with stretches and chatter.  Followed by windmills, toy soldiers, and arm circles in cadence.

Then we got started on our Turkey Day Prep Workout – Part 1 of it.  You will have to join me at The Den on Tuesday for part 2!

I put a number of exercises on strips of paper and then put them in a basket.  It was a luck of the draw workout today.  We all ran over to the basket together, drew one paper, then ran back.  Everyone completed that exercise, continual reps, until a PAX ran to the basket, drew a new exercise, then ran back.  Each PAX took a turn running in the rain to pull a new exercise.  The exercises were:

Turkey Feather Flappers – Jumping Jacks

Goblet Gobblers – Goblet Squats

Turkey Trot – Run laps around the snack shack

Wing Workers – Scarecrow to Chicken Wing Arms

Harvest Hops – Fake Jump Ropes

Planksgiving – Hold Plank

Pilgrim Pop Ups – Burpees

Turkey Burn – Wall sit

Pumpkin Pie Plies – Sumo Squats

Cranberry Crunches – Full crunch

Sweet Potato Smashers – Mountain Climbers

Roll Drops – Dead Lifts

Gravy Curls – Bicep Curls to press

Indian Run – an Indian Run around the park

It was a fun little game of chance.  We had a lot of wall sits back to back, but thankfully not too many burpees.  It was a lot of running in the rain.  For that I am sorry!!

I wish you all a warm, dry rest of your day!


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Prayers for all those traveling, all those with family visiting, and all those who are lonely during the holidays.  You are all welcome at my house!!

❤️, ⛅️

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