Twister Fun and Lunge-Around-The-World

A small, but mighty group of 4 PAX and a BUNCH of 2.0s came out to Foxtrot for some Twister Fun!

We warmed up with a quick game of Would You Rather:

Would you rather play Twister with Matthew Mcconaughey or Christian Bale?  Butt kicks or High Knees depending on your preference.

Would you rather play Twister with Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper?  Jumping jacks or star jumps

Would you rather play Twister with Mark Walburg or Elvis?  Butt Kicks or Jumping Jacks

Once we were warm we all started with Jump Squats while our first runner ran to the light post where I placed the Twister spinner.  We took turns running to the spinner, then would run back, reference the chart below, then complete the exercise until the next runner was back.

The 2.0s enjoyed taking turns with the spinner.  Our spinner tended to favor:

Left Foot Red – a lap around the monument

Right Hand Green – SLDS

Right Hand Blue – SO many bicycles

Right Foot Yellow

Left Hand Blue – So many boat canoes

We played Twister until we had about 10-12 minutes left, then switch over to arms and legs to even things out.

We completed a round of Bat Wings – counting to 30.  Oh how the sweat was dripping into my eyes!

Without dropping your arms: arm circles forward, arm circles backward, seal claps, overhead claps, and hallelujahs.  30 of each – no break or releasing your arms in between!

Then we lunges around the world – which really is best with a small crowd.  Get in lunge position – left leg forward.  Everyone goes down and up, over and over again while you pass around 2 squats.  When it comes back to you up it to 4 squats, then 6, then 8, then 10.  Basically a ring of Fire, but you go around the world 5 times without stopping.  Our legs were on FIRE!  Then we switched legs and did it again with our right leg forward.  It burned!

That took us right to 45 minutes.  We closed with a prayer, our name-o-Rama, and some chatter.

Announcements: Zenit 5k THIS Saturday.  Registration opens at 7 am if you want to register the day of.  We are still collecting food/snack/lunch items to donate to Must ministries summer lunch program.  Bring them THIS week!

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