We had 22 excited PAX show up after a little teaser about a game of uno on this gloomy and kinda drizzly Saturday at Foxtrot for my VQ and that made me feel crazy nervous but I was so proud of all of them!!!

Started with some stretches top and to bottom….

Neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arms across chest, stretch to the sky then touch toes, quad stretches, calf stretches, through the tunnel and some fantastic hip flexors!!

The Thang

Everyone got 5 uno cards as their deck

Taking turns playing traditional uno we had an exercise for each color and wild though

Number on the card equaled the number of reps

WILD= 10 Burpees for everyone (ugh I know)

DRAW 2/4 = Everyone runs to the announcer box and back (that was far when we had back to back a few times)

RED= Flutter Kicks (where were all the red cards!)

BLUE= Squat Jumps

GREEN = Shoulder Taps (both sides =1)

YELLOW= Star Jumps

When you had Uno you shouted it but if someone beat you to it you bear crawl to deck & we hold plank

( I guess we were not feeling competitive because there were no bear crawls or planks or possibly too wore out)

Everyone was tired and worked and seemed to LOVE this game even though it took a minute to get our groove…

The Skinny

Announcements: GNO at Mexican restaurant by Kroger Sunday pm 6-9 if you can’t get a sitter please still come but try to sneak away if you can!!!!

Period Box was full this morning great job but we will dump it and if you want to bring some we are happy to accept as much as possible

Sign up for the love race 5k which will be on February 3rd and 10th at Etowah River I believe

Sign up for our Secret Fia Sister gift exchange via elf ster link on slack by the 26th of January and secretly give gifts to your sister by February 14th

AR Workshop is February 8th in Milton so make sure register while there is still space!!!

Spring Fling is March 24th for all Fia families more info to be announced it will be like a field day SO FUN!!! If you want to help plan please see Sugarland or any leader really or ask to join the slack group!!!

Prayers were for Whole Coconut’s client who is in an abusive environment with an elementary child and Shrinky Dink’s grandma for healing.

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