Veteran’s Shiver

Veteran’s Day’s weather inspired even more gratitude for the men and women who endure(d) harsh weather as a job requirement.

3PAX endured the wet and cold Monday morning beatdown at The Thicket.  It got colder!  Weather started out rainy and 45 degrees, finished beatdown at 41 degrees, and left the parking lot at 39 degrees!  My apologies for not being used to Q-ing in winter.  It was a learning experience.  Next time I’ll have more cardio to keep us warm!

We were all so cold and miserable at the end that we forgot to officially name-o-rama, but with only 3PAX, including 1FNG whose name was finally worked out through offline convo, we had our sights set on warm showers.  Plus, I had already introduced myself to the FNG that came with Pinterest, so we had taken care of that already.

The Thang:  Reps of 50 core exercises were done after every 13 reps – revolving through Army, Marines & Air Force for 30 minutes.  We got through about 7 rounds, but I’ll write all of them out since I prepped for 12 rounds.

NAVY: warm up to “In the Navy” song by Village People. 🙂

ARMY: ARM exercises.  13 reps in a round, then 50 abs

1) Full Bicep Curl, 2) Hammer Curl, 3) Reverse Curl, 4) Rotating Curl, 5) Overhead Press, 6) Bent over Rows, 7) Tricep Kickbacks, 8) Shoulder Fly, 9) Goblet overhead tricep Press, 10) Pecs/shoulder squeeze, 11) Front Raise, 12) Corner Raise

MARINES: Legs (Semper Fi…Fi-Fy-Fo-Fum…Giant Stomping Legs), 13 reps in a round, then 50 abs

1) Regular Squat *with leg raise, 2) Narrow Squat*, 3) Sumo Squat*, 4) Side Lunge *, 5) Front Grand Battement (GB), 6) Side GB, 7) Back GB, 8) X squat jumps, 9) Frog jumps, 10) Star Jumps, 11) Front Lunges, 12) Diamond squat jumps

AIRFORCE: Cardio (Fly around), 13 reps in a round, then 50 abs

1) High Knees, 2) Butt Kickers, 3) Side Shuffle, 4) Skip, 5) Gallop, 6) Hopscotch, 7)Hop on Right foot, 8) Hop on Left foot, 9) Pirouette with spot, 10) Leaping, 11) Reverse lunge backwards, 12) Quick Feet

(CORE: 50 reps each between the 13’s, 1) LBC, 2) Top 1/2 crunch, 3) Pilates Pulse, 4) Full situp with arms up, 5) Leg tap, 6) Reverse Crunch, 7) Scissor Legs, 8)Ankle Cross/pinup, 9) Oblique side bends, 10)Oblique side bends on floor – pinky reach, 11) Russian twists, 12 Superman)

COAST GUARD: Stretching (Coast Guards on the beach…relax…stretch)

FNG Guardian loves to rescue animals.  Coincidentally, The Guardian is a fantastic Coast Guard movie with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.  Fitting for a rainy and cold Veteran’s Day.

Thank you Veterans for your service.

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