What do Rudolph, Frosty, and a Yeti have in Common?

Date: 12-11-18

Q: Partly Cloudy

PAX: Whole Coconut, Valor, Chocolate Chip

Only 4 PAX today at The Den, but boy was I happy to see each one pull into the parking lot.  The forecast was calling for ice and temperatures were hovering right around 35 degrees.  I was really glad I wasn’t the only one crazy enough to brave the cold.  

So, what do Rudolph, Frosty, and a Yeti have in common?  They all live in the freezing cold!  And since it was almost freezing, but felt very cold, they were the focus of our beatdown today.  

We started with stretching and warm up jog around the parking lot.  Then we got to work.  

The Thang:  Spell R-U-D-O-L-P-H, F-R-O-S-T-Y, and Y-E-T-I

R – 5 Reverse Crunches

U – 10 Up Downs (Plank)

D – 15 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

O – 20 Outlaws

L – 25 Lunges

P – 30 Plank Jacks

H – 35 Hallelujahs

We took a lap around the parking lot.  Then started on Frosty.

F – 10 Front Kicks

R – 20 Russian Twists

O – 30 Overhead Presses

S – 40 Slow Squats

T – 50 Tricep Dips

Y – 60 second Yoga Squat

We took another lap around the parking lot.  Then spelled out our Yeti.

Y – 36 (current temperature) Y Lifts

E – 36 Elbow to Knees

T – 36 Toe Taps

I – Inchworm Push Ups (36 would have killed us, so we settled with 16)

We took another lap around the parking lot.  Then we went through Rudolph and Frosty a second time with laps in between.  

Instead of spelling Yeti a second time, we did an escalator of Push-ups and Hallelujahs.  1 Push Up, 2 Hallelujahs.  2 Push Ups, 4 Hallelujahs. 3 Push Ups, 6 Hallelujahs….we went up to 10 Push Ups and 20 Hallelujahs.  Then we did the same format with Leg Lifts and LBCs until our time was up.  

We closed with our small COT and raced to our cars to get out of the cold.  The temperature may not have been that bad, but the humidity, wet streets, and puddles made it feel so cold.  

Thanks for joining me ladies!  I hope you enjoy your few days of sunshine ahead!  


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