What Goes Up Must Come Down

5 PAX showed up on this slightly cooler than normal June morning.  We even received a surprise rain shower in the middle of the beatdown and had to run for cover.

Warm up:

Static stretches with some jumping jacks.

The Thang: all exercises with left & right were done in  pairs (so left, then right equals one)

10 Burpees

20 Monkey Humpers

30 Curtsy Lunges

40 bicep curls

50 jumping jacks

ran a lap

60 mountain climbers

70 heel taps

80 bicycles

90 sec plank

100 squats

ran a lap

90 hallelujahs

80 little baby crunches

70 high knees

60 donkey kicks

50 seal jacks

ran a lap

40 hip bridges

30 fire hydrants

20 plank shoulder taps

10 push ups

ran a lap

We finished with just a few minutes to stretch.  I then read a saying I had seen, Guac prayed for us, and COT.


Nutrition Class at Wonder Woman’s house tonight at 7:00.

We are still collecting snacks, juice boxes, etc for kids lunches over the summer.  We will collect until the end of June and then donate.

We hope to have our Mudgear FIA shop open soon to order so be thinking about what goodies you would like.

9/11 Heroes Run on Sept 7th at Etowah Park.  Please register to run/ruck/walk or volunteer to help.


Originally posted to FiA Nation