Working on our ABC’s

  • When: 01/15/2019
  • Q: Straight Shooter
  • Pax: Wonder Woman, Whole Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Trailblazer, Partly Cloudy, Sugarland, Diggity Dog, Touchdown, Inspector Gadget, Rise Up, Shrinky Dink, Bourbon, Namaste, Smooth Operator, Eagle Eye, Straight Shooter

16 wonderful PAX met on this cold (but not rainy) morning to get it done.  Keeping each other accountable and having fun.  We worked on our ABC’s – Arms, Belly, Cardio, Bums, Abs.

Warm UP –

arm circles, quad stretches, light jog around half of the front entrance to the school


A – arms – 20 each

overhead tricep extensions

bent over rows

bicep curls

arm raises

B – belly (abs) – 30 each side

little baby crunches


reverse crunches

Russian Twists

C – cardio

side shuffle right down to the main entrance – 20 monkey humpers

side shuffle left back to starting point – 20 tricep dips

power skip to main entrance – 20 squat jumps

walking lunges back to starting point – 20 jumping jacks

B- bums – 20 each side

fire hydrants

glute bridges with weights

donkey kicks

lying side leg lifts

inner thigh lifts

We made it thru 2 times and then wrote our ABC’s with our legs while lying on our backs for a little extra ab work.  Some did their 10 big girl push ups and 10 burpees to mark off some BINGO boxes also.


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Bring feminine products for Must Ministries and Bethany House to help women in our community.

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