Would You Rather Tabatha

15 Pax today with 4 new FNG. Welcome to Health Momma, Mud Slide, Mistro and 30A

Warm Up:

Static Stretches

Jumping Jack in cadence

Windmills in cadence

Butt Kicks

The Thang:

We all like choices so for this Thang, there were two groups of exercised to be completed in 45 sec work 15 sec rest. You got to choose which group you prefered… but be careful what you choose first cause you still have to complete the second group next.

Option 1: Jump Rope, Ski Jump, Burpees, Star Jumps, Lunge hops, Push Ups, Squat Jumps, Plank Reach, LBC, Tire Runs

Rest : minute

Option 2: Jumping Jacks, Skater, High Knees, Tuck Jump, Scissor run, Mountain Climber, Butt Kicks, Plank Shoulder Taps, Bicycles, Low Squat Jacks

Rest : minute

Run Lap around parking lot

Finish with Ab work random PAX choice (45 sec, 15 rest)

Planks – Full Sit Ups- Plank Tabs – Curtsy lunge with side ab bend- side crunch

FInished up with in COT and getting to know the FNG and giving them their name followed by Partly Cloudy prayer

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