A.L.A.R.M – Scalators

Here we all are on a humid Wednesday morning. 6 Pax, including me, got to work on a pretty brutal workout: Alarmscalators. We started with a bunch of static stretches, JJ, Tree Trunks, Toy Soldiers (All iC) and then we got right to work on


Alarm-Scalators – Arm, Leg, Ab, Run, “M” Exercise

5 – Lap, 5+10 – Lap, 5+10+15 – Stair Run, 5+10+15+20


5 – Overhead Press

10 – Dead Lifts

15 – In and Outs

Run – All sets of stairs to the top and back to our mats

20 – Monkey Humpers

Alarm 2:

5 – Inchworms

10 – Surrenders

15 – Pretzel Crunches


20 – Mountain Climber Twists

Alarm 3:

5 – Full Bicep Curls

10 – Squats

15 – Big Girl Sit Ups


20 – Merkins (Push Ups)

We made it through all of the Alarms, although we did need to modify the laps after each escalator, we did do the run on Alarm 3. We did some static stretching, and arm stretches, circled up for COT and name-o-rama. It was a good morning! Thanks for coming out, ladies. Good times.

Until next time,

Rise Up

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