Silly Sprints to Sound the Alarms

7 PAX at Foxtrot for our Wednesday evening Beatdown!  The weather was finally cooler and we had a nice breeze.  It was beautiful!

We started on time with a couple stretches, then kicked off our first Thang, which served as a nice long warm up.  I set a deck of cards down in the grass a little distance from our mats.  We ran silly sprints!  Everyone did their age in jumping jacks, then ran to the cards, picked one up, took it back to their mat, and did the associated exercise.  Then the ran back to the cards to get another.  We did this AMRAP style for 10 minutes.  Whoever had the most cards “won”, which was important later in our Beatdown.

Clubs – Squats

Diamonds – Bicep Curls

Hearts – Squat Jumps

Spades – Curtsy Lunges

Reps – number on card

Face cards – 12 Reps, Aces – 15 Reps

We actually ran out of cards before our 10 minutes were up.  But, it took about 8 minutes.  Our winners had 8 cards.

Next we started on our ALARMs (Arm, Leg, Ab, Run, M exercise).  I set another 10 minute timer and we did the Alarm AMRAP Style.

A – Front Extensions

L – Lunges

A – Leg Lifts

R – Run around outhouse and back

M – Merkins (Push Ups)

After the 10 minute timer went off, we did it again with a different ALARM.

A – Tricep Kickbacks

L – Standing Donkey Kicks

A – Bicycles

R – Run around outhouse and back

M – Monkey Humpers

After a quick water break, we still had 10 minutes left.  So, the winners got to choose what we did next: silly sprints, one of the ALARMS, or Bag of Abs.  Pinterest chose bag of abs, but Wonder Woman wanted silly sprints.  So we combined them – and it was the best!  I set the bag of abs where the deck of cards was.  We did our age in LBCs, then started the silly sprints to get our Ab exercise.  A sweet 2.0 handed us our popsicle stick.  We ran back to the mats, performed our Ab reps, then ran back to the bag to swap out our stick.

We did this until time ran out.  Then we closed with prayer, our COT and the naming of our awesome FNG – Whiplash!  Welcome!!

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