Welcome to the Jungle

It was a rainy and humid morning at The Hideout. NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME. Wash away ALL THE YELLOW DUST. Pollen here is CRAY right now! Luckily we had an incredible overhang and were able to stay completely dry while we worked it ALL out!

Warm Up

8 Jumping Jacks

8 Arm Circles forward

8 torso twists right

8 lunge and reach both arms up right leg forward

8 lunge and reach left hand while right leg is forward

8 arm circles backwards

8 torso twists left

8 lunge and reach both arms up left leg forward

8 lunge and reach right hand while left leg forward

8 side to side lunges (low and slow)

8 squats to hamstring stretch (slow)


Most of the PAX had done this jungle beat down once before, but it had been awhile so it was fun all over again (For me at least)! This is basically done like an accumulator. All moves are done in 4s. So do 4 inchworms, then on your fourth inchworm stay down and do alligator push ups. Then start from the top and add on diamond jumps etc.

4 Inchworms (no push up, just hold your high plank for a split second before walking back)

4 alligator push ups (stagger your hands- oppposite hand moves up and opposite leg comes in)

4 diamond jumps (jump squat forward wide, back narrow, back wide, forward narrom =1)

4 flamingoes each side (single leg dead lift)

4 duck walks (forward each leg then back each leg =2)

4 gorillas (feet are wide like sumo, hands go down and you jump feet right then repeat and go left=2)

4 step throughs (on all 4s, jump left foot through and right hand touches shoulder, then jump right foot through and left hand touches shoulder =2)

4 bear crawls (One crawl right, one crawl left=2)

4 crab dips to kicks (tricep dip in crab and then a crabcake on each leg=1)

4 mule to frogs (on all 4s- kick both legs up into the air into an angry donkey and then when you land immediately do a frog jump (feet hip width apart, toes turned out- squat jump=1)

Once we had accumulated the all 10 moves, we repeated the entire series 2 more times.

That left about 5 minutes so we pulled out mats and I had the PAX call out an ab move and I named the reps. So we finished with 100 LBCs and 50 standing obliques.

We ended with COT and lots of heavy prayer requests. Thankful for a Savior that provides hope for us amidst great tragedy.

Great work ladies and T.G.I.F!

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