Dora Accumulator

I am so happy that 10  Pax came out to The Thicket on ANOTHER hot & humid morning to workout with me. As much as I love the summer & hate to see it go…I can’t wait to start complaining about the cold!! But hopefully there will be just a little bit of perfect Fall weather in between 🙂

We warmed up this A.M. with some OYO stretches during the disclaimer & brief explanation of our Dora style Accumulator beatdown. 11 Pax meant that I didn’t have a partner so I just hung out with the pair closest to me & mirrored (ish) what they did..


Partner #1 Ran while partner #2 did the exercises until they collectively reached the # of reps for each exercise.

Exercises were as follows…100 Merkins, 150 Hallelujahs, 200 Deadlifts, 250 Squats………Song Challenge – Yeah (Usher) – Glute Bridge Thrusts throughout song/Dying Cockroach for the chorus…………100 Tricep Dips, 150 Upright Rows, 200 Lunges, 250 Calf Raises

Because we were pressed for time we ended up running the small track around the playground & splitting the reps in half for the 2nd half.

We ended with our COT while OYO stretching before praying & Name-0-Rama…Thanks ladies for joining me! Hope you didn’t mind all the running & sweating!!

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