How the Chicken Crossed the Road to Get to 7-11

5 PAX on a beautiful Thursday morning gathered together to answer the age old question. HOWEVER, I discovered that it wasn’t WHY the chickens crossed the road (because the 7-11 was awesome….DUH!) it was HOW the chickens crossed the road.

Anywhoosie, we started with some warm up exercises:

Jumping Jacks, Windmills and Toy Soldiers (all IC) and a quick lap around the parking lot. All warmed up, lets move on to:


Two buckets with 11 exercises, 6 on one side of the parking lot, 5 on the opposite side. The first exercise started with 7 reps, and increased with each exercise in multiples of 7. Hence, 7-11.

Exercise 1: 7 star jumps – Broad jump squat to the other side

Exercise 2: side lunges (14 sets) -Run to the other side

Exercise 3: curtsy lunges (21 sets) – Lt. Dan to the other side

Exercise 4: plie squats (28 total) – Side shuffle to the other side

Exercise 5: monkey humpers (35 total) – Power skip to the other side

Exercise 6: plank jacks (42 total) – High knees to the other side

Exercise 7: Moraccan Night Clubs (49 total) – Run to the other side

Exercise 8: Skaters (56 total) – Side shuffle to other side

Exercise 9: Mountain Climbers (63 sets) – Power skip to other side

Exercise 10: toe taps (70 total) – Run to other side

Exercise 11: Hallelujahs (77 total)

Whew! That was something!

Next up, arm stretches and Bat Wings:

20 forward arm circles (hold for 20 seconds), 20 backward arm circles (hold for 20 seconds), 20 seal claps (hold for 20 seconds), and 20 overhead claps (hold for 20 seconds)

We had a few more minutes so we did some ab exercises AKA: Bag of Abs

Ended promptly with COT, Prayers over our FiA sisters and Name-O-Rama!

Not bad for a VQ?

Faithfully submitted, Friday April 5th, 2019

Rise Up

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