Triple Check at the Wall

Ahhh, it feels great to be back.  Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoyed my vacation.  But, I missed my ladies and my beatdowns!

17 PAX were feeling the same and joined me at The Den.  We all marveled at how wonderful those 5 extra minutes of sleep were since we just needed A shirt and A pair of shorts or capris.  No more layers!!!

We circled up in the main parking lot and warmed up with Ankle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Tap & Hops, and Arm circles.  Then we moseyed the long way to the back of the school for The Thang.

Triple Check:

We partnered up in groups of 3.  One person runs down to the circle and back (a good distance).  One person goes over to the wall for some wall work.  One person goes to the Leg station.  When the runner returns, you rotate.  Everyone made it through each station at least 3 times.

The Wall: When at the wall station, PAX were to either hold a wall plank for 10 seconds or try to do wall pushups – which are very hard.  Start with your back to the wall.  Your feet go on the wall, your hands are down on the ground, and your head is pointing down toward the ground.  Our F3 loves refer to this wonderful move as “balls to the wall”.  After 10 seconds or 10 push ups, we switched to thread the needle.  Feet are at the base of the wall, you are in side plank position, and you rotate your torso down to move your free arm under the arm holding you up.  5 each side.  Then we held wall sit until our runner returned.

Leg Station: combo moves for the win today

10 squat to curtsy to forward lunges

10 side lunge to knee up to backward lunges

Hold chair until your runner returns.

At 6:00 we moseyed up the stairs back to the main parking lot for a quick pic.  Then on to abs.

5 In & Outs

10 Leg Lifts

15 Flutter Kicks

20 LBCs


With 5 minutes left, we cooled down with a stretch lead by Smooth Operator for a Bingo Box.

We prayed, lifted up all of our prayer requests, confirmed it is so good to be back together again, and had our Name-O-Rama.  Some of us hung back for our 10 big girl push ups.  Then we went on to tackle our day.

Anouncements: FiA F3 5k run Convergence is May 4th.  It will be a family event, anyone can join us!  6pm – Run, ruck, wog, or walk.  We will head over to our favorite Las Palmas for queso, drinks, and food afterward.

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