Against The Wall

February 26, 2019

  • When: 02/26/2019
  • Q: Trailblazer (VQ)
  • Pax: Max, Pinterest, Straight Shooter, Harley Quinn, Board-o, Smooth Operator, Wonder Woman, Little Mermaid, Suba Steve, Eagle Eye, Sugarland, Chocolate Chip, Caddy Shack, Bourbon, Partly Cloudy, Inspector Gadget, Shrinky Dink, Rise Up, Owlete

20 pax showed up this morning for my VQ at The Den. It was a tad nippy but we quickly warmed up.

Warm Up

Cross punches


Butt kicks

Arm circles

The Thang:

8 min rounds, total 4 rounds with the abyss changing out each round

corner 1- 15 merkins

Side hop to corner 2

Corner 2- 20 jabs per arm (with weights)

High knee skip to corner 3

Corner 3- 30 hallelujah

Side hop opposite leg to corner 4

Corner 4- 20 half bicep curls /20 full curls

In to the abyss:

Round 1 was hop to shoulder press to end and back

Round 2- lunge with side raises to end and back

Round 3- Suicide hold weights

Round 4- Lt Dan’s

Finished up with COT and Prayer

Nathalie Manus

Originally posted to FiA Nation

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