12/30/2019 - union - 💥 FIREWORKS 💥

AO: The Union

When: 12/30/2019

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Valor, Chocolate Chip, Domino, Smooth Operator, Guac, Choo-Choo, Wilson, Sugerland, Anchor, Rescue, Inspector Gadget, Diggity Dog, Southern Charm, Rise-Up


15 PAX made it out to AO The Union. We gathered to do a FIREWORK workout. The warmer weather was a nice change for this morning’s Workout.

– Warm up – 

TTT, Toy Soldiers, Arm Circles, Jumping Jacks – IC X 10.  Then we ran a big warm up lap.


Partner suicides – one PAX moves up and down the cones as the other PAX does their own count for each exercise. After the one PAX runs the cones they do the exercises. 

F  – 25 – Front  Raises

I –  50 – In & Outs

R – 75 – Reverse Crunches

E – 25 – Elevated Push-Ups

W – 50 – Wind Mills

O – 75 – Overheard Press

R – 25 – Reverse Lunges

K – 50 – Kangaroos

S –  75 – Squats

After we finished FIREWORKS some of us ran one last lap while the other PAX finished their reps.

We finished with a prayer, well wishes for my surgery later that day and a nameorama.

Thank you to all my amazing FiA’s that came out to see me off. I will be out for a few weeks. Thank you for the presents, goodies, coloring books, candles, movies and soft blankets. I appreciate it all. I love you all!!


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