09/13/2020 - grove - Catch Dora When You See Her

AO: The Grove

When: 09/13/2020

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Namaste, Partly Cloudy, Bourbon, Sweatpants,


I planned this one thinking we’d have a few more folks, but the 5 of us made it work just fine! We warmed up with some arm circles, Michael Phelps, some easy jog in place and a few high knees for those who were able. The real warm up was a round of Catch Me If You Can with 6 toy soldiers as the exercise to stop and complete when you caught up to your partner(s). We ran around the Grove circle and when everyone was back we started our Dora.

The Thang

The main thing for this beatdown was a Dora because it had been a while since we had done one at the Grove. We started with 100 upright rows, and while some were doing the exercise, the partner(s) ran to the designated mailbox about 35 yards away and back. and then switched. The next round was 200 toe touches sets (the ab exercise in which you lie on your back and reach up and opposite hand touches opposite foot with feet are in the air). We finished off the Dora with 300 Superman Squats (total).

We moved pretty quickly through the Dora and on to the See You When I See you. We again used the Grove circle as our run path and partners ran in opposite directions around the circle, doing 5 reps of 5 exercises when they met up on the other side. The exercises were sumo squats, windmills (sets), hillbillies (sets), hallelujahs, and calf raises. When partners finished these 5, they split up and ran back the way they came until they met back at the starting point and did 4 reps of the same 5 exercises, and kept this going decreasing by one rep each time until they met and did 1 rep of each exercise. They ran back to the start and still had a few minutes. So we did a round of Sally where Pax chose what arm exercise they wanted to do for the duration of the song. Our final activity was PAX choice of standing exercise and these included weighted side bends, tricep pushbacks (arms stay straight and you pulse your hands toward the back holding your weights), weighted imperial walkers, side twists (hips face front and you rotate your torso from one side to the next working obliques), and some other exercise I can’t recall.

At that point it was 2 minutes before the hour and the drizzle was about to start. We circled up, prayed and did name-o-rama. We had time for a few sips of coffee and then the light drizzle sent us on our merry ways. I LOVE starting the day with my FiA sisters! Thanks for coming out ladies!


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