06/21/2021 - arena - Give Me 5

AO: The Arena

When: 06/21/2021

QIC: Neutral


Number of Pax: 24

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Summit (FNG), Rook (FNG), Sugar Mama, Switchback, Hot Wheelz, Hairspray, Mission, Button, Snorkel, Hallelujah, BowWow, Sketch, Maestro, Paperback, Stork, Dunder, Billy Goat, VonTrapp, Graphic, Thread, Sooner, Fonda, Mama Bear


We started with a warm-up of Windmills, squats, and Imperial Walkers. Then we did 2 Strength sets each for 5 minutes.
Round 1: 15 Squats, 10 Alternating Lunges, 10 Inchworms, 10 Scap Push-ups

Round 2: 10 Bourbons, 10 Single Arm OHP, 10 OHP, 10-15 In-Out sit-ups, 10 Deadlifts

Then the Main Set was 15 Minutes with EMOM exercises (see photo for all the exercises)

Then we ended with Abs sets of 5 minutes (we shortened this due to time and did only 4 minutes of Round 1 and did LBC only in Round 2)

Round 1: 30 sec. American Pie Sit-ups, 20 sec. Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks, 10 sec. Rest and repeat 5 times

Round 2: 45 sec. Mountain Climbers, 45 sec. LBC (every minute on the minute for 6 minutes)

We ended with COT and names.


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