10/24/2019 - valley - Lets be Frenemies

AO: The Valley

When: 10/24/2019

QIC: Canon


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Canon, Free Weights, Mariposa, Pretzel, FNG Yellow


We started with JIC, Toy Soldiers IC, and OYO stretches

We partnered up and got started

10 Burpees while our partner did a Wall Sit

10 Squat Jumps while our partner did Merkins

10 Leg lifts Each side while our partner did Jumping Jacks

10 Walkouts while our partner held a plank

We did this until everyone did both exercises

Heads or Tails ( We flipped a coin between each set of partners)

{Round One}

(Heads)- Deadlifts (Tails)- Lieutenant Dans

(Heads)-Tricep Kickbacks (Tails)- Lieutenant Dans

(Heads)-Squats (Tails)- Lieutenant Dans

(Heads)-Overhead Press (Tails) Lieutenant Dans

(Heads)Standing Rainbows (Tails) Lieutenant Dans

{Round Two}

(Heads)- Raggedy Anns (Tails)- Bear Crawl

So…. We all did a Bear Crawl and because I forgot to request that we wear gloves it was painful on the cold concrete. So we decided to stop flipping the coin and just complete all the heads exercises

-Calf Raises

-Chest Flies

-Monkey Humpers

-Bicep Curls

-Fire Hydrants

-Skull Crushers



-Back leg extensions

-Russian Twists



-Pretzel Crunches


We finished and had a good long stretch. Thank you for joining and so happy to have had a FNG!



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