07/13/2021 - den - LIFT – Head to Toe Circuit on Repeat

AO: The Den

When: 07/13/2021

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Rise Up, Honeycrisp, Smooth Operator, Semper Fi, Shrinky Dink,
Very Berry, Partly Cloudy


What a great morning for some strength focus!! It was awesome to see 7 PAX roll out to LIFT in the head to toe circuit I put together for today! LIFT is our no/low running or jumping beatdown with strength focus.  We really paid attention to form today, with the goal of hitting fatigue by the time we did our reps or sets. Most PAX used 5 or 8lb dumbbells but I saw a few 10s come out too!

The Thang:

We warmed up with Michael Phelps, arm circles, windmills IC, and high knees.

The Circuit:

We did 15 reps or sets of reps of each exercise. After we got all the way through we grabbed water and took a minute to recover before starting head to toe again!

Goal Post press to Shoulder Press

Reverse Grip Rows

Jello Shooters

Single Leg Dead Lifts each side

Low squat with goblet pulse

Reverse lunge with step up to balance

Glute bridge with march

1 minute plank

Reverse crunches/leg raises

Bicycle Crunches

We did the full circuit almost 3 full times through. We missed out on the last set of bicycles before heading over to the COT.

Thank you ladies for joining me! The mumble chatter tells me y’all will be sore later! Sorry! (Not sorry 😘)



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