10/26/2020 - arena - Spooky Dora!

AO: The Arena

When: 10/26/2020

QIC: Seinfeld


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Sugar Mama, Hairspray, Chicklit, Flipper, Kodak, Neutral, Sketch (FNG 2.0), Pilgrim, Seinfeld


My photography saga continues. I got everyone else in the pic and cut my head off. But you know what? I got 8 smiling faces that can prove I was there – LOL!

Also, I may have been a tad ambitious with the number of exercises I planned considering the number of reps in our Doras…..but it let to a tough workout that I think a few of us will be feeling the rest of the day….in a good way….mostly.

We warmed up with some Windmills and TTT, IC.


We partnered up for Doras, and did 250 total of the following exercises, taking turns reppin’ and runnin’:

Goblin Squats*

Big “Ghost” Sit-ups



Plank Jack (o’ Lanterns)

That’s 1250 reps right there, so we didn’t need the other 5 “spooky” exercises I had planned. But for inspiration to anyone else this week, the others I had on hand were – Dying Cockroaches, Scarecrows, “Zombie” (instead of Toy) Soldiers, “Witchelitas” (instead of Rosalitas) and “Walking Dead” Lunges.


***Now, what is a Goblin Squat you ask?  Well, a little over 2 years ago when I started doing FiA in Lexington SC, I attended a weekly kettlebell workout. The Qs there don’t use whiteboards, but instead just call out the exercises from a note on their phone or a paper. So when I heard “Goblet Squats” my non-fitness minded arse thought she was saying “Goblin” Squats…..and I didn’t figure out my mistake for easily 6 months. But you know what…..I prefer Goblins.

After this spooky torture, we prayed for the family and friends of the Oak Grove student who passed away last week. Then we named our FNG – she is Neutral’s 2.0 and she loves to draw, so we named her Sketch.  I’m also excited that I got to meet our FNGs from last week, Chicklit and Flipper!



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