10/29/2019 - valley - Tabata Tuesday

AO: The Valley

When: 10/29/2019

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Mama Bear, Numberina, Canon, Mariposa, Free Weights, Amethyst, Yogi (Zoe, FNG), Kodak


Tabata Tuesday means that we burned some major calories in preparation for all the treats we’ll be consuming this week! Bring it on Halloween!!

We warmed up with 5 Burpees then ran a lap after a brief FiA disclaimer & explanation of today’s  beatdown.


First up…Tabata Arms. 8 Exercises, 20 sec AMRAP, 10 sec rest

1.Merkins 2.Overhead Press 3.Tricep Dips 4.Bicep Curls 5.Swimmers 6.Tricep Kickbacks 7.Morrocan Night Clubs 8.Around The Worlds

Ran a Lap

Next…Tabata Abs. 8 Exercises, 20 sec AMRAP, 10 sec rest

1.LBC’s 2.Penguins 3.Rosalita’s 4.BGS 5.Superman 6.Leg Lifts 7.Mountain Climbers 8.J-Lo’s

Ran a Lap

We did a song challenge (Sally/Squats) in between 2 full rounds with the last round of abs being a super speed ab round, NO rest in between!  We had a few min left so I gave everyone a choice, The Ultimate Spiderman routine or another song challenge. Lil Jon (Turn Down for What) won, so we did funky high knees throughout & quick feet for the hook. With about 3 min to spare, Amethyst led the group with some Yoga Stretches. Thanks girl! That was a great way to end the workout!!

We took a quick pic, COT & Name 0 Rama, where we named our FNG. Welcome Yogi!! Thanks for joining me ladies!!! Love you all!



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