02/03/2020 - thicket - The Kobe Bryant

AO: The Thicket

When: 02/03/2020

QIC: Rise Up


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Von Trapp, Homeland, Pinterest, Hairspray


Oh, what a beautiful day to celebrate the life of, and pay tribute to the one and only Kobe Bryant! Kobe Bryant entered the NBA at 18 and retired at 38. During his tenure with the L.A. Lakers he wore 2 numbers: 8 and 24. So, 5 PAX including me, Rise Up got together and got it done.

We started with some warm up stretches, arm circles, backwards and forwards and some Jumping Jacks in cadence. Then we moved on to:



4 8 minute Amraps followed by a Power Skip around the Playground.

Amrap 1 Arms

24 Bicep Curls

24 Tricep Kickbacks

24 Renegade Rows

24 Merkins

Power Skip 1 minute rest between each Amrap

Amrap 2 Abs

24 Leg Lifts

24 Pretzel Crunches

24 Big Girl Sit Ups

24 Rosalitas

Power Skip 1 minute rest

Amrap 3 Legs

24 Lateral Lunges

24 Backwards Lunges

24 Forward Lunges

24 Jump Lunges

Power Skip 1 minute rest between Amraps

Amrap 4 Butt

24 Glute Bridges

24 Hip Thrusters

24 Sumo Squats

24 Narrow Squats

Power Skip 1 minute rest

We were able to complete the whole thing with 2 minutes to spare for stretching. It was a simple, but effective workout and fun was had by all. Kobe Bryant, thank you for your dedication to the game you loved so much. We appreciate the legacy you left us with, and may you rest in Heavenly Peace. We’re going to miss you #24 #8 it was a pleasure to honor you today.


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