06/05/2021 - grove - Triple Nickel and Some Burnouts

AO: The Grove

When: 06/05/2021

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Forte, Spartan, and Forte’s 2.0 Sara (FiA name – Home Run), and Spartan’s 2.0 Ava (FiA name – Cat Girl)


I’ve been wanting to bring the Triple Nickel to the Grove and decided today is the day, especially with it being June 5th. So we warmed up with some arm circles, Michael Phelps, and other stretches waiting for all to arrive. We then skipped, grapevined, and side shuffled our way to the stop sign to begin our triple nickel.

Triple Nickel – this routine involves two exercises that you complete 5 reps of and you run, usually a hill, in between the exercises. I chose squat walkers and squat jumps for this one. So Pax started at the stop sign and completed 5 squat walkers and then ran up the incline to a mailbox about 30 yards from the stop sign and completed 5 squat jumps. That counted as one time through. We then ran back to the stop sign and did 5 more squat walkers, ran to the mailbox and did 5 squat jumps and then ran back to the stop sign – this finished round 2. We did that 3 more times to get the 5 rounds in. We then skipped, grapevined, side shuffled, and jogged our way back to our usual spot to do The Thang.

The Thang – I decided to keep the 5 thing going so I designed rounds of exercises (Abs, Arms, Legs, and BYO x 2) that we cycled through for 5 minutes at a time. Each round had 5 exercises and we completed 15 reps of each exercise. When you got to the end of the 5th exercise, you cycled back to the top and went through it again until the timer went off. Between the rounds we ran a shorter lap to make sure we had time for all the rounds.

Round 1 -Abs Burnout

In and Outs, dead bug sets, reverse crunches, LBCs, and leg lifts, run a lap

Round 2 – Arms Burnout

Overhead press, around the worlds, tricep kickbacks, jello shooters, weighted cross-body punches, run a lap

Round 3 – Legs burnout

Step up sets, curtsy lunge sets, crock pot squats, fire hydrant sets, bear squats, run a lap

Round 4 – BYO (build Your Own) burnout

for this round Pax got to choose 2 abs exercises from the first round, an arm exercise from the 2nd round, and then 2 leg exercises from the 3rd round

Round 5 – BYO burnout

This was similar to round 4 but Pax could choose any combo of 5 exercises from the first 3 rounds. Most chose to switch up the exercises.

We finished right on time after a minute or so of stretching. We did COT and named our lovely 2.0s that came today. I was sweaty for sure after this one! Thanks for coming to The Grove ladies! Come back soon!


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